I’m puzzled…

Good morning Constance!

I am sitting, snuggled in my favorite blankets with my lappie, catching up on the turning of the world for another time as we walk that ancient and worn trail so well known around the sun…

…but I am somewhat puzzled, and curious about something.

I write for myself, what is on my heart and what is in my spirit at the time…this blog is the place where I put what I am thinking or feeling, and as it is written primarily for myself, I don’t concern myself too awful much with responses…but:  when I get them, it feels good, because I know that I sparked something in someone else.

Usually, there is a lot of feedback on poems, and quite a bit of feedback on the lil essays I write.

But on the post Love, in a sexual world, I got nothing!  Seriously…oh no, I forgot, one new follower, which was cool.  I am not a follower counter, but it stood out to me because of the dearth of feedback on this post.

So…here is what I want to know:

Am I that out of step with the world, that my post was the sounding of a loud clangy cymbal?  Or am I just wrong on the issue, and sex conflates with love these days interchangeably?  Or did I offend with the openness of my convictions that sexuality is most edifying in a monogamous, committed relationship?  Or was it just a poorly written, badly thought out post?

I think that this issue is one of the critical dynamics of our time!  Clearly, how it is addressed or ignored has vast implications for each relationship, and especially the fruit of those relationships…children.  How they grown up, what they are taught or not taught, what is caught by them thru osmosis, and then in turn how they handle relationships in their turn at the helm.

I think the issue has implications for the emerging issues of sexuality, personality…human identity!

It is not sufficient to believe that if we just teach “correct moral law” that it will fix everything…it won’t!  That is sorta the point of the entire chronicle of human history until Precious Jesus came…there is absolutely no way to be “good”, or “good enough” to become whole and actualized as beings all on our own!  Given the towering and stellar beauty of God’s law (the core of which is pretty much at the heart of any great moral/religious structure), you would think there would be large segments of successful demonstration of the fruits of these things…and yet what do we see…over and over and over?

No…the only hope, in my view anyway, is the instruction spirit to spirit in the ways of relationship!  Efforts to address the inherent brokenness found in each and every person, examination of the manifold ways we desperately seek to fill the void within and the way those efforts play out in our lives and the lives of those we are connected to…these are the kinds of things we ought to be digging our fingers and teeth into!

Building lifeboats and throwing out lifelines is good, in a crisis…but in addition to the construction of safety nets why not move further down the stream and build some preventive dams to protect the small villages that slumber peacefully,unaware of the onslaught which is piled and furious at the pass?


I digress…I am sorry about that.  A glimpse into the more far reaching things my spirit finds burdensome.

My desire here this morning is feedback, driven by curiosity…topic distasteful?  Solution proffered laughable? Inadequate?  A fantasy?  Writing style pedantic and ponderous…stick with the catchy poems and pretty word pics Charissa?

Okay…indulgence of curiosity (and perhaps ego?) is now over.  Your regularly scheduled programming will commence, Constance!

Love, Grace and Peace always, and may the fullness of Wholeness come to each and every one of you, and bring you to the place where all tears are wiped away, and all joy is there in fullness for all peoples.



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