My Wonderful Kids

Last weekend, our youngest daughter and oldest son were home.  He was moving from NYC, to go work up in Alaska for the summer, and she lives in Seattle.  He rode out on the train, and stayed with her for several days.  Now, these two are like 5-6 years apart, and when they were little, the oldest was the idolized and mysterious “Big Brother” who was big and unpredictable, and full of teases, not all nice…while the youngest daughter was the little sister who was a pest and a bother and a distraction to the important task of being a teenager.

I delight in these two as they discover the amazing incredible and interesting people they are!  My daughter is thrilled to know my son as an adult, and she loves him deeply, not only as her brother but as her friend as well…and my son has actually told my daughter how incredible he thinks she is, and what an amazing person to know.

My children cherishing one another…getting to know one another…and loving each other!  What an absolute dream, right?  Isn’t that what we ALL want as parents?  Because when they were little, they had no way to know that when they didn’t get along, it grieved my heart because each of them is my very fav…at the same time!!

I think that Father feels the same way, and I can only imagine the kind of sorrow He feels when His kids fight and argue and treat each other like crap, and pick on the weak and threaten the alien and stranger with damnation!

Anyway, on Sunday they sat me and my baby down at the table and gave each of us a small lil wrapped parcel.  They jovially denigrated the “Hallmark Holiday” (as they refer to Mother/Father’s Day), while at the same time giving us a lil thoughtful gift.  Turns out they had gone on a road trip to a beach literally covered in bits of worn, pretty glass.  They collected glass for us each, and then got some wire and made us each a pair of earrings!!!!

It was such a nice and fun gift, and I was so touched.

PS:  Particularly in light of my transition, you can see how amazing these wonderful humans are!  Not only have they accepted me, they have affirmed me in word and deed, and simultaneously recognize that my life and actions now make way more sense, and affirm that I am essentially the same person I always was by calling me Dad!  It is a fact, I am their father biologically, and as to the spiritual and emotional care for them, well I did my best to be present, teach them to love and be compassionate, and all the stuff that was in my spirit to do.

I wasn’t real sure what a dad who was a woman was supposed to do…but since they turned out the way they did, I rejoice, in that Lady Grace took all our efforts and brought them forth fruitfully.

Thanks Kids!






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