Confession Time: I Have Never Taken A Selfie!

Selfies and Misogyny: The Importance of Selfies as Self-Love — Everyday Feminism.

Confession Time:  I Have Never Taken A Selfie!

I know, I know…heresy in today’s world.  Further confession:  I had myself convinced they were (multiple choice): dumb, narcissistic, waste of time, beneath my dignified self (HAH!), etc etc and all of the above!

Weeeeellllll….then along came this lil article…combined with conversation with Heather…and my book by Stasi Eldridge…and I saw that I was a self misogynist!


Didn’t see that coming!  Lady Grace is tricky, sneaky!  Omfg She set me up big time, because the truth is this…


…I hated myself…

Constance, you have no idea the work and years and tears and pain and sorrow it took to get the “ed” onto the end of the word “hate!”

No, it’s true.  From the time I was very young I have never ever liked my picture being taken…ever!  And I could not bear to look at them afterwards, and I absolutely loathed my reflection in the mirror.  Neatness and good grooming is a very integral part of who I am, and I love to primp and get my hair just so (my baby used to tease me about this!)…but it was just a grim hang on for dear life every single time.

Since finally coming to see and know myself the way They made me and have always known me to be, I can look in the mirror now, and smile genuinely and like who I see.  But a selfie???  C’mon, NO. WAY.

Well…the major point of the article is that there are misogynistic powers driving the hatred of the selfie, and that selfies can help overcome that.  Oh she says it WAAAAYYY better than I just did, so please, go read her and get the goods from the goddess!  🙂

And when you look in the mirror, do what I do…say “Hi you…I like you and I love you, by the Grace of God!”

Love, Charissa


Selfies and Misogyny: The Importance of Selfies as Self-Love — Everyday Feminism.