To Jamie Lynn…thanks for stopping by, and here is a word of encouragement…

It gets better!  Really.

A year ago, I heard that from people, and thought they were full of it, because things were so bad that I could hardly stand it.  On the outside, everyone thought I was fine, and doing really well…but on the inside I was like a squirrel in a cage in the middle of a forest fire, and I was freaking out!


As time passed, my support network slowly grew, and I came more and more into alignment with my true self.  HRT was a huge boost as well.  I found an understanding naturopath (Dr Jessie you rock my world, as do you Dr Colleen and Dr David!!!  MY HEROES!) and they are able to prescribe what we need.

Please, read back thru from the beginning…maybe there will be something of help in my own struggle to emerge from this cocoon.

I also highly recommend Dara Hoffman-Fox’s blog at .  She is one of the most compassionate, cheerful, intelligent and downright committed human beings it has been my good fortune to listen to and read.  Perhaps one day we will meet, but in the meantime her blog is a big encouragement.

One day at a time…and before you know it you will be high on the mountain and enjoying a far different perspective on life.

Blessings, Hope, and Love…Charissa


Opportunity to Make a Difference!

Hi Constance…sorry for the dearth of poems this week…all my ideas are piling up in my lil pea-brain and percolating like bees in the spring clover fields!

In the meantime, please check out the things I am re-blogging, as each one has content that I consider to be important and representative of what life is like for transgender people, or great educational material, or pointing to the blogs of individuals I deeply respect and believe to be doing deep and transformative work in breaking the old paradigms regarding gender and sexuality (Thanks Dara!!  🙂 )

The opportunity below is something concrete you can do, but I repost this primarily for the links at the bottom of the article…please, take courage and click through on them…to truly gain passion and fire in your gut that you will need to endure the kickback from privileged individuals who see their inherent power evaporating and knowing they will have to stand on their own merit as human beings, on their character or lack thereof.

Take heart, knowing that in a generation we can look back and know we counted the cost and paid the price for children to walk in greater and greater liberty.

God Bless!  Love, Charissa



Show Support For The Statue

    1. Petition byPalm Springs, CA
    2. Thomas Clinton


If you all will find it in your heart to sign into your Facebook and send this out to your friends or send this out via email to your friends it would be greatly appreciated.

It is the dream of a few members of our community to donate a statue to Palm Springs California, in memory of those persons that have been victims of savage violence against Gender Identity and Gender Non-Conforming persons for no more than being different. This has never been done before and it is believed that one of the questions that may be asked by Palm Springs Parks and Recreation Department when presented for approval, is, “Would the Community Support It?”

The Statue will be hand carved from rare Black Marble, weighing close to 7000 lbs, and approximately four feet across. It will be a gender neutral statue, to represent all that should be remembered and encourage others that violence is not the way. The circular form itself will have the different land masses to represent these victims throughout the world. Rising from the void in the North Pacific Ocean will be a gender neutral face breaking from societies predetermined restraints placed upon them, looking up as to ascend and for the desire of peace and hope for all.

In front of the statue will be a matching headstone and on that headstone it will say:

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Nov. 20th

Peace and Respect over Hate.

It is our hope that this statue will bring public awareness that violence is not the way and all people equally deserve Peace and Respect over Hate.

By signing this petition, it will show your desire to either participate in the annual event on Nov. 20th in Palm Springs California, or that you support this action and may one day come to Palm Springs and see the statue and reflect and give your respect to those that should not be forgotten. If you wish to have more information about the project or wish to donate, our website has a secured PayPal account at:

If you have questions about what Gender Identity and Gender Non-Conforming persons are who have been victims of brutal and savage violence, examples as to what this statue will represent are shown, but not limited to what is documented below:

Transgender 19 Year Old Teen Burned to Death. (MI. 2011)

Transwoman brutally assaulted in a McDonalds (Md. 2011):

Homophobic Teen Set Gender Non-Conforming teen on Fire on Bus (Ca. 2013):

Man Beats Transwoman to Death (Ca. 2013):

Transwoman Bound Beaten With a Soup Can and Skillet and Shovel (Ca. 2002):

Transgender Woman Beaten To Death in Fontana California. (Ca. 2013)

Horrific Beatings of Transgender Women in Hollywood California. (Ca. 2013)

Parolee Sought in Transgender Murder Hollywood. (Ca. 2009)

Toddler Boy Assaulted for Wearing Pink Headband in Wal-Mart. (2013)