Updates and Editing: Carapace is better, I think

Poetry writing is such an organic process for me.  Sometimes I get an image…sometimes I overhear a conversation.  Sometimes there is a feeling or longing or breaking within that can only be addressed with a poem.

Usually, I write them, and then leave them be.  Poems are far more impressionistic for me than some epic statement or magnum opus.  They are less a detailed work and more a capturing of that moment or issue and how it was hitting me at the time…the poem is essentially the nexus of my soul with whatever has hit me.

But once in awhile…I will edit…a lot!  Usually, when I read it out loud to myself, I can hear things that eluded my grasp in the capturing.  Very often there is a rhythm that I had been writing in without realizing.  So I begin to become intentional about that.  Changing words, moving them in the line or to a different line entirely.  Changing tenses…and it amazes me how sometimes this makes the poem far better, and sometimes it is like with a dish in the kitchen…ya gotta know when to just let it be and serve it!  Giggle.

A couple of my poems that I have edited recently are “Carapace” and “My Heart Dares“.  I think each one is far stronger, far more integrated and cohesive.  Carapace is done…but My Heart Dares I am going to hone a bit more I think.

Anyway, I wanted to note the editing, and if you are interested, you can see if you agree that they are better, or if you say CHARISSA…git yer butt outta the kitchen NOW!  LOL!

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