I want to be clear…

The entitled assumed privilege and whiny titty-baby attitude of white males makes me want to PUKE!

And it is even worse to hear them wail dramatically about how hard their life is and how much trouble the lost, the voiceless, the powerless cause them when they make their need and desires and destinies known! OMFG!!  I want to SCREAM!

Know this, baby boys…someday the word mercy is going to have a new meaning, cus you are gonna be judged by the children of your slaves.

NOW:  women…do NOT take the bait that is offered you in the name of feminism!!  There is a true feminism, which involves discovering the essence and power of your being and the amazing gift you are to the universe as the crowning pinnacle of all created things, and the only being ever who was created from living flesh (yes, I am referring to the Genesis story, Myth with a capital M and pregnant with mystery and truth packed in…think about it…all made from dirt, and then woman made from living flesh)…

…and then there is this diabolical and demonic doctrine masquerading as equality, that at its core simply wants to strip us of all our essential mystery and power and change us into female men, and thus still slaves, though the chains changed to gold.


PURSUE your true destiny!  Forge past the clouds of knowing and riverbanks of thought that stultify and choke off true revelation, and soar into those golden heights and velvet depths that are the wellsprings and fonts of Mama’s flow to women which will indeed deliver us to a better place, and help restore the shattered Image to wholeness.

Amen and amen…

Love, Charissa


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