Hello Loyal readers…I would like to know if any of you think my Christmas story is any good?  I wrote a Santa Claus Origin tale, and attempted to pull the Santa Story into it.  The whole thing started from a vision I had of the Baby in the Manger facing a very sick old King.  The Baby looked at him, then looked to His left and saw a nail sticking thru the wood of the manger.  The Baby intentionally pressed His palm against the nail, and pulled it back, and a pearl drop of Blood was in the center of His palm.  No crying did He make, and then He pressed His palm onto the forehead of the sick King, and the King was healed, and also granted eternal life on the spot.


It just grew from there.


I have shared this story with a few, but I never get any feedback, so I am beginning to think it actually sucks.  I have rewritten it so many times I am worried I will wear it out.  So this is my last gasp…it is either good and has potential, or it sucks ass, and the last place it appears is here.

Thanks to you all for reading.  I am amazed.

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