I need to learn this…

Things at my work are becoming nearly unbearable.  I am anxious all the time, and never certain that I can do things right.  My honey told me that the manager whom I work under has done a good job of taking a confident, cheerful and decisive leader and transforming me into an anxious, depressed, uncertain, abused emotionally pathetic person.

I have literally never experienced being “bad” before at a job…and I mean by bad being told that my job performance is not up to par.  The people who work under me say this is a lie…and the public I work with would say it is a lie if I told them.

Truth is?  I am being scapegoated for this man’s own issues and shortcomings.

But it still affects me, it still is slowly destroying me, and I feel trapped, for I can earn a lot of money for us by remaining where I am.

So somehow I have to find a way to adapt, and to unconnect my soul from this oppressive and Mordor like inner climate.


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