The Prisms, and prisons of Perception

All of us are inside our heads, and that is such a blessing…and such a curse.  We are creatures who are self aware.  We know that we know.  We know that we do not know.  Animals, from what we can gather not only do not know them self, but they do not know that they do not know!

Alas…our being stuck in ourselves has its own way of distorting things, bending things.  We, as sentient beings, are like prisms, and the rays of truth beam upon us and shine thru us, but then are refracted, bent by us.  And what we see then are but refractions of truth.  Perhaps they are beautiful in their own way…but they are such a small spectrum.

We simply must be mindful of this phenomena, or we are doomed to a life of error and thus dissipation and ultimately blindness.

There is a check that will keep us accountable…the refractions of others.  For if we are able to be open to the others placed in our lives…if we have the courage and conviction to be other-oriented, we will be given eyes to see the spectrum of their prism, and (if we cultivate wisdom and humility) we can add that awareness to our own vision.  IN turn, we can allow their spectrum to correct our own bent, to straighten us, and cause us to be aligned more true, more congruent.

Light is by definition both a particle and a wave, and is pure and white in its unrefracted state.  Colors are derived when it is split off into its various frequencies, and then perceived by the eye.  Think for a moment…if you cultivate a seeing eye, a perceptive eye, which can gather each frequency it sees, and hold it with honoring and humble hands, and then knit it back together with the knitting needles of Mercy and Truth…

It will become whole again, and a rainbow of promise becomes the Pure Beam of Fulfillment and Unity.

Dear Reader…cherish the ones in your life…friends, loved ones, yes even enemies…they each bring to you a piece of light (though some bring a light that is darkness, and how gross that darkness!), and if you ask for seeing eyes and tender heart you can become a receptacle of Light and an Agent of Unity.

How Sad if you come to that place of true vision only to find that you painted all with the broad flat brush of your own eyes, and it is revealed that you are blind, and naked, and wretched…How Glorious if you come to that place of true vision and find waiting every last frequency that you humbled yourself to take in and cherish, cultivate, and prefer to your own!


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